Activities at School


Before admission in school, intelligence assessment of the child is done.Then he is placed in a class according to his age and IQ.
Activities in the class are taken according to need of children.Their syllabus mainly emphasizes on developing gross and fine motor skills, communication skills, self help skills, cognitive skills & psychosocial skills. Yoga is a part of our school activities. Yoga teachers from Ambika Yoga Kutir guide us regularly regarding yogasanas.
    Some students are in mild category(i.e. IQ range 50 to 70) might be able to study up to 7th standard. They are taught under the schemes of National Open School.
Regular check ups of children are done by the psychiatrist to encounter the problems related to epilepsy and behaviour.          
    Parents play very important part in the education of mentally challenged children. They are properly counselled and guided.
    School also organizes various activities such as sports events, drawing competitions, fun-fairs, cultural activities etc.

Vocational Activities

After completing 18 years, children can enter vocational courses,where they receive traning in various activities like flower making, candle making, tailoring, making Fragrance Sticks, greeting cards, boxes, painting, vocal singing, etc.
according to their abilities.
Products made by vocational class students are displayed and sold at our stalls in social fairs or city fairs like Utsav,Hirwai,Agrimahotsav, Pancham Festival, etc.